Dogs NSW Agility State Titles 2019

A huge thank you to our sponsors and partners


Thank you to our Clubs!

Without the help of our Clubs and everyone in the Agility Community, this event could not happen! We would like to thank in particular:

Agility Dog Club of NSW for the supply of equipment for 2 rings, and for managing 1 ring all weekend.

Hawkesbury Distict Agility Club for the supply of equipment for 1 ring, and for managing the main event ring all weekend.

Manly & District Dog Training Club Inc for the supply of equipment for 1 ring, and for managing the priority ring all weekend.

Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club for the supply of timing gear and volunteers that ran 1 ring all weekend.

NSW State Agility Titles 2019 - Finals

Finals Results

What a fun and challenging weekend for everyone! So many great courses, so many great teams! At the end of the day, we celebrate everyone who stepped up to the start line, and had a go with their beautiful partner (their dog). 

Finals results are as follows:

Finals in Jumping:

Novice: - Carl Ranford (NZ)


1st:  Lloyd Barker & Spark


1st:  Lisa Brown & Dash


1st:  Jo Channel & Aria


1st:  Lynn Madden & Storm


1st:  Tsuey Hiu & Ollie

Excellent: Simone Tolhurst (WA)


1st:  Amara Hamilton & Rick


1st:   Heather Addie & Pickles

2nd : Vicki Miller & Cruize

2nd: Terri Sharam & Sharam Supercharged


1st:  Janet Kielly & Seeker

2nd: Zoe Carroll & Licorice

3rd: David Cull & Sanpasho Yuletide Genesis

Masters: Cam List (NZ)


1st:  Debbie Gowans & Piccolo

2nd: Andrea Gibney & Squirt


1st:  Jim Hull & Elise

2nd: Siegfried Clever & Pheonix

3rd: Siegfried Clever & Patch


1st:  Jessica Mellon & Flame

2nd:  Jill Humphrey & Sienta

3rd: Rebecca Jones & Boost


1st:  Darren Paterson & Nova

2nd: Elsina Meyer & Saga

3rd: Cassandra Brooke & Tyrion


1st:  Diane Curry & Sunny

2nd: Barbara Hodel & Pace

3rd: Cathryn Lane & Mac 

Finals in Agility:


Novice: Kendal Olsen (TAS)


1st: Amara Hamilton & Rick


1st:  Cassandra Fox & Kaia


1st:  Nicole Van Barneveld & Stevie

2nd: Warren Millard & Bear

3rd: Kerry Tabell & Rylee


1st:  Tsuey Hiu & Ollie

2nd: Karyn Gresser & Banjo

3rd: Justine Windslade & Miley

Excellent: Fiona Hodgeson (NZ)


1st:  Jim Hull & Elsie


1st:  Lisa Henshaw & Tarka


1st:  Courtney Logan & Summer

2nd: Heather Addie & Pickles

3rd: Eva Lotta Baad & Gracie


1st:  Janet Kielly & Seeker

Masters: Dyson Beasley (NZ)


1st:  Andrea Gibney & Squirt

2nd: Peter Kandlbinder & Ollie

3rd: Catherine Aspinal & Scout


1st:  Nelly Felczynski & Flynn

2nd: Helen Heaver & Trouville Devilish Intent

3rd: Siegfried Clever & Patch


1st: Nicki Matheson & Andi

2nd: Gillian Humphrey & Guin

3rd: Gillian Humphrey & Sienta


1st:  Gunilla Doyle & Noddy

2nd: Sandra Jensen & Ziva

3rd: David Cull & Hytop Main Event


1st:  Anthony Adam & Ralphie

2nd: Catherine Lane & Mac




*** State Agility Titles - Results***

Junior Handler of the year

Novelty Event


Junior Handler Novelty event – Dogs NSW State Agility Titles, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2019

About the event:

One course for Agility run on Saturday 7th and one course for Jumping on Sunday 8th September 2019 at the Inaugrual Dogs NSW State Agility Titles 2019.

The junior handler Novelty event is open to young agility handlers from the age of 7 to 17 (over 7 years old, and under 18 years on the date of the competition). Young handlers must run with the consent of a parent or guardian and be a financial member of Dogs NSW through a family membership, or under the full membership of their parent or guardian.

This event is not a qualifying event. That is, there will be no qualifications earned by the handler for this event.

Congratulations to the Junior Handlers who participated in this year's event:

Agility:  Simone Tolhurst (WA)

Mia Cody           Nitrocave Polly Hydes            300

Kyla Jones        Fenrick Nik Nak Paddywak  600

Jumping:  Carl Ranford (NZ)

Mia Cody                        Nitrocave Polly Hydes        300

Imogen McFarlane     Nitrocave Prince Pyscho   300

In the spirit of competition, it was great to see these up and coming junior handlers tackling courses that were challenging and fast. All the teams were fantastic and received some great prizes from our sponsors - Eukanuba and Antinol.

Special acknowledgement to Mia Cody, who won the Junior Handler encouragement award donated by Bree Emery - a full set of weavers. 

In an amazing show of sporting camaraderie, Mia gifted this prize to Imogen McFarlane as she already owns weaves, and really wants Imogen to train and compete with the best opportunities. 

What an amazing group of young handlers we have coming up in the sport!


The "Festival" Club Challenge 2019

The Final 2 Clubs battle it out!

The Inaugural State Titles saw the final Club Challenge (Legacy Festival of Agility Club Challenge) played out between just 2 clubs this year. Thanks to our wonderful judges - Simone Tolhurst (WA)  for Agility, and Carl Ranford (NZ) for Jumping.

Agility Dog Club of NSW     - Winners

Jeanette Muller Maggie  200 

Helen Heaver     Gypsy   300 

Jill Humphry     Sienta   400 

Catherine Egan Riley   500 

Cathryn Lane    Mack   600 

Hawkesbury District Agility Club  - Runners Up

Andrea Gibney        Squirt 200 

Bronnwyn Goyen   Kaila  300 

Jenny Ryan              Mindy 400 

Steph Williamson Pippin 500 

Lynn Pearce   Georgie      600 

Congratulations to both teams that entered this year to celebrate the final "Festival" Club Challenge


Pinnicle Photography

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