Dog Of the Year - JUMPING


The NSW Dog of the Year Jumping is recognised with the awarding of the Geronimo Cup to the top competitor, by counting the top 6 scores of Dog of the Year Heats held throughout the Agility season. The Final is held at the Dogs NSW State Agility Titles in September, where the winner takes the title of Jumping Dog of .

Geronimo Cup winner - 2019

Sue Calphy & Havachat (Chatty)

Congratulations to this brilliant team, taking out the Top Jumping Dog - Geronimo Cup in 2019! 

The Top Heights Dogs Jumping 2019 are:

200 - Catherine Aspinall     Scout   (Jack Russell Terrier)

300 -  Kylie Fry                        Arlo        (Border Terrier)

400 - Jessica Mellon            Flame    (Border Collie)

500 - Sue Calphy                  Havachat     (Kelpie)

600 - Ronnalyn Shawyer   Chewbacca  (Smithfield)

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Dog of the Year Jumping rounds for the 2019 competition.


About the Geronimo Cup


The Geronimo Jumping Cup is in honour of a Miniature Poodle that loved to Jump, The Cup was first awarded in 2005 by which time Geronimo had achieved his JDM 17 times with 120 Qualifying Certificates.    
Some of his career highlights are:

  •  1998  -  Began Agility Trialing       
  • 2001  -  First Novice Jumping Dog pass in Australia (Jan ACT)  /  JD Title 3 first Places / JDM Title 7 first Places / CD and ADM Titles
  •  2002  -  Jumping Dog of the Year ACT
  •  2003  -  Victorian Canine Assoc ANKC Nationals ( 1st place Master Jumping Heat, 3rd Place Master Jumping Final )
  •  2004  -  Member NSW State Team for ANKC Nationals ACT - fastest clear round in Teams Jumping
  • 2004  -  2010  - Finalist in NSW Agility Dog of the Year
  •  2005  -  2010  - Finalist in NSW Jumping Dog of the Year
  • 2005  -  Best in Agility Trial Royal Canberra Show ACT / Member NSW State Team ANKC Nationals WA -    1st Place in Master Jumping Hea
  • 2007  -  Gained Agility Champion title in June, which then made him 7th Ag Ch in Aust / 3rd Ag Ch in NSW  -  1st main Register Dog (non Sporting Group)  -  1st Male Dog  - 1st 300mm dog   - 1st double Agility Champion ANKC & ADAA.

Geronimo continued as an enthusiastic performer in Open and Games events until the end of 2010 when he was 14 years old, during his career he was handled by Dagmar Neal  AUA Dip T MA.

Dagmar and Dennis Neal have donated this cup to provide recognition to future jumping dogs of distinction. 


Recent Winners

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018


Sarah and Seeker are not new to the outstanding heights of Agility and Jumping competitions. Seeker was the 2017 Winner of the Balder Trophy & NSW Dog of the Year - Agility.

Greg Collins & Kellie - 2017

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018


Greg and Kellie won the Geronimo Cup a total of 5 times, adding to the outstanding career Kellie.

Andrea Gibney & Blitz - 2016

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker - 2018

Andrea Gibney & Blitz - 2016


Andrea and Blitz won the Geronimo Cup the same year that they represented NSW at the National Agility Championships in South Australia, competing as part of the team. 

A league of their own

Top Jumping dogs over the years


2005      Robyn Taylor                                                Tamewynette                      Kelpie x

2006      Nicola Read                                                  Coogee                                   Labradoodle

2007      Robyn Taylor                                               Tamewynette                       Kelpie x

2008      Greg Collins                                                  Kellie                                       Koolie x

2009      David Paul                                                    Taylatee                                  Kelpie x

2010      Robyn Taylor                                               Utullyorsum (Tully)           Kelpie x

                David Paul                                                    Taylatee                                 Kelpie 

2011      Greg Collins                                                 Kellie                                       Koolie x

2012      Greg Collins                                                 Kellie                                       Koolie x

2013      Sarah Kirkwood                                         Kerodan Hidden Colours (Spice) Border Collie

2014      Greg Collins                                                 Kellie                                       Koolie x

2015      Kelly Gill                                                        Rockygully I Can Fly Too (Zing) Border Collie

2016      Andrea Gibney                                            Blitzdit                                   Kelpie

2017      Greg Collins                                                 Kellie                                       Koolie X

2018      Sarah Kirkwood                                         Kerodan Thrill Seeker (Seeker) Border Collie

2019      Sarah Kirkwood                                         Kerodan Thrill Seeker (Seeker) Border Collie


NSW Jumping Dog of the Year 2019

Sarah Kirkwood & Seeker

Congratulations to this amazing team, who have doubled down on their achievement of winning the Balder Trophy and taking out NSW Jumping Dog of the Year 2019